Current as of December 21, 2015

Andrew Mellon Foundation New York Theater Program
Axe-Houghton Foundation
Barbara Bell Cumming Foundation
Emma A. Sheafer Charitable Trust
Howard Gilman Foundation
Jerome Robbins Foundation
John Golden Fund
Lucille Lortel Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
The New York Community Trust
The New York State Council on the Arts, a State Agency
Shubert Foundation


Boykin Curry
Courtney Smith and Graham Duncan
Henry and Kathleen Chalfant
Jane Souzon
John and Carolyn Friedman
Jonathan Marc Sherman and Alexandra Shiva
Marina and Petros Sabatacakis
Nina Beattie and Michael Eberstadt
Peter Saccio
Ralph and Gail Bryan
The Rolfe Company
Tom Wirtshafter and Carol Marks

Alexander Dodge and Charles Stewart
Adam and Diane Max
Carlo Steinman
Christina Kirk and John Hamburg
Dick and Peggy Danziger
Jeanne Bergman and Anna Kramarsky
Marion Young
Miriam Jagger
Pat and Bob Volland
Patty Laxton
Steve Kennedy
William James Earle and Aidan Mooney

Ann Ilan and Herb Alter
Beverly Morris
Caryl Field
Chuck Cosson
Daniel Jung
David and Shirley Cosson
Diana Son and Michael Cosaboom
Donald and Holly Loftus
Dr. Stephanie A. Evans
Ed Richard and Warren Kendrick
Ellen and Sandy Oxfeld
Emme and Jonathan Deland
Eva and Steven Barnes
Fran Kumin and Richard M. Ticktin
Fritzie Brown
Holly Gewandter
J.L. Dewar
Janet and Frank Winkler
Javier Garcia
Jeannie Jung
Jesse Oxfeld
John G. Knapp
Jon Nakagawa and Richard Willard
Judy and Stuart Parker
Kevin Jennings
Marco Simons
Margaret Angell
Mark Rossier
Mary Carroll Scott
Michael Cadden and Drake Baer
Michael Roberts and Alisha Davis
Michelle and John Brooks
Ned and Nancy Scharff
Richard Barber and Ann Schaetzel
Richard and Elizabeth Brand
Robert and Kathleen Menifee
Robert Wierzel
Sara and Stephen Kraskin
Shelly F. Greenfield & Allan M. Brandt
Suany Chough and Eckart Graeve
Toni and Jean Paul Pentecouteau
Vivian Cardamone
William MacArthur and Luz Thoron MacArthur

Abigail Katz
Alexandra Grobman
Allan Kluber
Andrea Barbieri
Angela Fung
Anne Davison
B.J. Evans
Betsy Swallow
Betty J. Marmon
Bruce Allardice and Victoria Abrash
Chris Fielder
Christopher Henley
Christopher Sadler
Dan Domingues
Dara Barnett
David Singer
Diane Erwin
Dick and Cherry Lee Ellis
Elise Marmon
Elizabeth amd Alex Canner
Elyse Steingold
Ethan Joseph
Eric and Jane Luce
Geoffrey Lind
Gibson Frazier and Kelly Mares
Heath Calvert
Jane Jung
Janet Schuman
Janice Paran
Jeff Brand
Jennifer Robbins
Jenny Lin (on behlaf of Jane Jung)
Jeremy Olson
Jill Salvino, Director
John C. Newland DMD
Julia Collins
Julie Kalish
KC Luce
Laura Wood
Lee Menifee
Liza Witmer
Lizzy Marmon
Matthew Maher
Melissa Li
Meryl Lozano
Michael Karns
Michael Levinton
Mike Miga
Mike Shapiro and Peggy Stafford
Mike and Terry Williams
Mindy Utay
Nancy Taubenslag
Nicole Chalas and Victor Maog
Nina Giacobbe
Paul Thureen
Richard Brand
Rob and Kareen Canora
Ruth Chan
S. Robbins
Sarah Benvenuti
Sharon Mulholland
Stephen Marmon
Tamio Spiegel
Terry and Paul Guerin
Timmy Metzner
Tom Thompson
Vicky Aguero
Willard Morgan
William Karns
William and Louise Thompson
Yvonne Elliman

Current as of January 5, 2016